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Odds & Ends

I love being creative and surrounding myself with things that I design. Here's a taste of the types of items I work on both in my free time as well as for freelance projects.

Palladium Brewing: Slope Slasher

"Slope Slasher" is a promotional artwork and original, hand-drawn concept for Palladium Brewing's Slope Slasher Brew (Columbus, MT). I worked closely with the client to take this project from the brainstorm phase to vectorized print ready files.

"Geometric Afghan Girl"

"Geometric Afghan Girl" Inspired by Steve McCurry's 1984 Photograph "Afghan Girl" featured in National Geographic. Created in Illustrator, using hand drawn geometric shapes. This piece was displayed in Northwest Gallery as part of a student art exhibition; also featured in "Visualize Verbalize Vocalize", a student produced magazine.

Cat Character Shirts

Personal t-shirt designs. Fun to design, fun to wear.

Anniversary Map Print

"Where you go, I will go" Commemorating a 50 year marriage anniversary and the places they called home during that time.

Greeting Cards

Collection of custom greeting cards created for family and friends. I enjoy sending custom cards and notes to those close to me.

Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Ya Party Animal

Birthday Card

One Year Closer...

Kitchen Sign

No complaining in my kitchen!

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