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I’ve had opportunities to work with dozens of business owners, non-profits, and  brands creating printed materials. I’ve gained knowledge of the printing process, print industry standards, color quality, and the logistics of a printed project. Although the print industry has changed, there will always be an extra level of satisfaction that comes with holding a tangible, physical item that I designed. Here are a handful of the print items I’ve worked on throughout my career.

"Animals: A Creative Coloring Book"

Illustrated by Taylor (Schultz) Adams


My favorite project to date. An art and design project, raising funds to explore Iceland alongside a small group of Northwest College Art Club members. I hand sketched a series of animal art pieces intended for coloring. After refining my sketches, I scanned and edited the artwork, laid out pages and pagination, then managed print production on the campus Heidelberg printing press (including assisting with bindery).  Selling over 300 copies, this project was a huge success. Funds raised through coloring book sales paid for my trip in full.

Art Prints: Iceland

A requirement of traveling to Iceland for the Northwest College Art Club trip included developing a series of artwork to be featured in the Sinclair Gallery on campus. I developed this series as an appreciation of the natural beauty of Iceland. As the only graphic designer of the group, I wanted to create an Iceland postcard series inspired by National Park vintage travel style.

Large Format

I’ve designed dozens of large format projects in a variety of styles and applications including; billboards, building signage, banners, window vinyl, and more.

Each of the projects above were designed while under contract with Insight Creative Business Solutions.

Marketing Materials

I’ve created hundreds of printed marketing materials for a variety of businesses. Past projects include: business cards, stationary, folders, notebooks, stickers, promotional products, flyers, rack cards, brochures, booklets of varying sizes, and more.

LVLUP,  The Flower Bar, & The Redd Dog projects designed while under contract with Insight Creative Business Solutions.